Youngstown State University

The Department of Theater and Dance

2027 Bliss Hall
Youngstown OH 44555
Program Head Christine Cobb
Fax 330/742-2280
Contact Person Christine Cobb


Christine Cobb, Professor teaching modern, pedagogy, creative dance, folk, ballroom, musical theater, wellness, dance kinesiology, dance composition, Survey of Dance.

Adjunct: Lindsay Renae, Beth Chepke, Erianne Raib, Margie Rapp teaching technique in ballet, modern, tap, jazz, afro-caribbean

Patrick Wagner: Dance accompanist for all classes

B.A. in Dance Management Degree at Youngstown State University
This is an interdisciplinary degree combining a solid selection of practical dance coursework offered by the Department of Theater and Dance, and a protocol of management and entrepreneurial studies offered by the Williamson College of Business Administration. It is designed to provide skills applicable to teaching dance, with an understanding of basic practices related to creating or managing a small business, such as a dance studio or performance company.The degree is a 124 hour program combining business classes.
The dance major was approved in Spring 2008

(25% of the major), dance classes, technique and pedagogy (53% of the major) with theater production classes (22% of the major). A dance audition is required to be admitted into the program. Contact the department office at (330) 941-3810 or Christine Cobb, Professor of Dance at (330) 941-1896 to schedule an audition or for further information regarding the major.

The dance minor is designed to enhance the BFA in Musical Theater degree and target those individuals who wish to teach dance as a part time career. Students have some latitude in choosing coursework dependent upon their individual needs and interests.

A dance minor comprised of 23 hours of coursework in dance is also available. An informal audition is required for acceptance and placement.

Degrees Offered Dance minor housed in the Department of Theater and Dance (23 hours)

Faculty 1 FT, 4 PT
Academic Facilities 2 studios, 2 alternative spaces
Production Facility: Ford Auditorium
Productions: 1 in Spring
InstitutionType State University
Location NE Ohio
Enrollment 13,000

Annual Tuition : $8087.00 per year; room and board $9000.00 per year
Other: Financial aid available, Kocinski Scholarship application for $500.00 available to dance majors

Student Company

Youngstown State University Dance Ensemble, cofunded by YSU student government and the Department of Theater and Dance is committed to giving YSU students the opportunity to dance and choreograph and to educating the community about all forms of dance.The Ensemble holds auditions open to all YSU students in the Fall semester of each year; it includes opportunity to attend an American College Dance Regional Festival each spring. The company presents an annual concert in the Spring Semester.