The Ohio State University

Department of Dance

Chair: Susan Hadley, Professor

The Ohio State University – Dance Department
316 Sullivant Hall
1813 N. High Street
Columbus OH 43210

Phone: 614/292-7977 Fax: 614/292-0939 E-mail:
External Relations Coordinator: Damian Bowerman


Harmony Bench, Assistant Professor
Michael Kelly Bruce, Associate Professor
Ann Sofie Clemmensen, Visiting Assistant Professor
David Covey, Professor
Melanye White Dixon, Associate Professor
Karen Eliot, Professor
Hannah Kosstrin, Assistant Professor
Bebe Miller, Professor
Susan Van Pelt Petry, Professor
Daniel Roberts, Assistant Professor
Mitchell Rose, Associate Professor
Valarie Williams, Professor, Arts and Humanities Associate Dean
Norah Zuniga-Shaw, Associate Professor

Retired Professors

Helen Alkire
Melanie Bales
Karen Bell
Vera J. Blaine
Odette Blum
Candace Feck
Angelika Gerbes
John Giffin
Louise Guthman
Ann Lilly
Vera Maletic
Sheila Marion
Victoria Uris
Lucy Venable


Dale Beaver
Veronica Dittman-Stanich
Maryanna Klatt
Alex Dickson
Karen Mozingo
Danielle Schoon

Administrative and Professional Staff

Susan Chess, Musician Supervisor
Carolyn Cox, Production Coordinator
Oded Huberman, Interdisciplinary Production Manager
Dori Jenks, External Relations Coordinator
Toby Kaufmann-Buhler, Media Manager
Elijah Palnik, Sound Designer; Musician
Amy Schmidt, Academic Program Coordinator
Lindsay Simon, Costume Designer
Deb Singer, Administrative Manager

Other Players

Rachel Barnes, Box Office Manager
Rodney A. Brown, Faculty on leave
Irina Keller, Musician
Joe Krygier, Musician
Caleb Miller, Musician
Mariah Nierman, Performing Arts Medicine, Chief Liaison
Lise Worthen-Chaudari, Affiliate Faculty, College of Medicine

College of Arts and Sciences

Executive Dean and Vice Provost
David C. Manderscheid

Divisional Dean, Arts and Humanities

Inform Publication

Editor: Dori Jenks
Assistant Editor: Sarah Levitt
ASC Communications Team: Victoria Ellwood, Greg Bonnell

Degrees Offered: BFA,MFA, PhD, Dance Minor
Areas of Focus: performance, choreography, Labanotation, history, technology, education.
During 2011-13 renovation space, 4 studios, use of mediated performance and teaching space EMMA Lab at ACCAD, costume shop and production in Dept of Theater and EMMA Lab spaces, class and conference room, college computer labs, dept high-end video editing computer stations

Production Facilities: dept new space in Sullivant Hall in 2013
Productions: faculty and visiting artist, winter and spring student performances, graduate project performances, annual repertory performance usually in spring

Institution Type: public
Enrollment: 50,000-60,000 in university
In department: approximately 100-125 undergraduate majors, 30-35 graduate students, 3-8 PhD students, 100+ minors, 700+ non-majors
Annual Tuition: $10,037(resident)
or $25,445 (nonresident) for the most up-to-date
info on university enrollment, tuition and fees, go
Annual Room and Board: $10392
Departmental Financial Aid: graduate associateships, fellowships, undergraduate scholarships
Other Financial Aid: loans, work-study, university scholarships via federal FAFSA application, http://sfa.

Program Philosophy

The Department of Dance offers curricular programs that emphasize the study of contemporary modern dance. All programs share an approach that views dance as a humanistic art-discipline and performance as the central mode of learning. With coursework in modern dance and ballet technique, movement fundamentals, performance/repertory, choreography, music for dance, Labanotation, dance history, dance education, world dance forms, African-based dance forms, and lighting, this program is designed to expand the dimensions of the dance experience for each student and provide them with substantial knowledge about the field and a vision of where they are in relation to it.